Saturday, August 13, 2005

Roadblocks on the Path to Enlightenment

Yes, becoming enlightened is not an easy thing. Many obstacles will appear before you - and I am not simply talking about the fat man in the line ahead of you when you are waiting to order lunch, with that emergency chocolate sundae to follow.

Surely one thing guaranteed to immediately focus your mind on the here and now, and kill any chance you have at enlightenment (along with many brain cells) is paperwork. I work in a bookshop - constantly surrounded by books; it is a great temptation, but I persevere - where I am in charge of the stationery department. And this week, some six months before it actually happens, I had to place the order for the Back to School stock.

Children here start their school year in February. So, Head Office demands that we place our order before mid-August. Well, they are really slow there. They could seriously use some enlightenment. Possibly by way of my foot to their ass. For the slow ones, the simplest way is best.

See what I mean? Paperwork instantly kills any and all charitable impulses, and drops the mind into a state of homicidal focus that is as far from enlightenment as you can get.

So, I spend six hours hunched over a computer in our back room, wearing my jacket, as it is cold out there, and slowly working my way, line by line, product by product, through a twenty page list. And that is only the non-advertised stock. There is another twenty pages of advertised products, but thankfully, that gets dumped on the store manager, as we are on a deadline.

So, to my list of things to remember while seeking enlightenment, I add: Avoid Paperwork.

Easier said than done. If I can, in fact, eliminate paperwork (a feat many have tried, and failed) I will have surpassed enlightenment and gone straight to the rank of miracle worker.

But then, why let mere impossibility stop you?


Blogger Jenn said...

paperwork is the bane of my existence. I hate it, it grows into a monsterous pile of crap when you aren't looking. I want it to stop. the hospital promises a downgrade of the amount we must accrue I have yet to see this happen.. bloody forest fires take less timber than my hospital does in a year. pah!

6:49 PM  
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