Friday, June 17, 2005

Well, okay, so the Japanese got there first. But, like many people, I have struggled in this hectic and seemingly cruel world to find a meangful purpose to my life.

At first I tried curing cancer. The purpose of saving millions of lives could never be trivial, after all. This might have been more successful if I were scientifically inclined. And I didn't get faint-headed and dizzy at the sight of a mere drop of blood.

Then I thought, perhaps my purpose was to create great works of art! Like Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, and whoever the other guy was, my genius would live on amongst the future generations, inspiring awe and wonder among those who viewed it!

Margarine, it seems, is not a suitable medium for creating enduring works of art. And it is not easy to sculpt, either, even if the advertising does claim its spreadable.

Perhaps I would become one of those motivational speakers? It didn't seem that hard - write a book, record a series of tapes, create an infomercial, and wait for the money to roll in.

Sadly, my audition for Home Shopping Network did not go well. Not only did they feel that my oratory skills were far from inspiring, 'How to succeed without trying' was not a terribly motivating title, or so one of their executives informed me. I think I offended him.

Finally, I turned, as so many do, to religion. But which one? Every time I turn around, a new one has appeared. Its all very confusing.

Then I discovered Zen Buddhism. It believes that you can discover enlightenment not by studying the sutras of others, but by meditating on the meaning of the obscure, seemingly nonsenical koans (lessons or sayings) of your teacher.

Unfortunately, I have no teacher, so must find my own nonsense on which to meditate.

Fortunately, there is plenty of nonsense about.

And, being a generous soul (except for where chocolate is concerned) I have decided to share my journey along the path to enlightenment with all of you, through this blog.


Blogger Jenn said...

Hello Zen Mastah,
Please give some of your wit and zennism to me. I am stuck, smacked down by the end of my crapola, I cannot see the big pic no more.. now I am down to deets.. bogged down sucked down into deetquicksand aack ack..

By the by.. kewl blog

12:56 PM  

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